Home Decorating Makes A House Your Home

Home Decorating and even holiday decorating are more a testament to our continuing affluence than anything. Back in

years gone by, our homes were considered places to stay and live, not as an extension of our own personalities. Back

then, homes were also built all as custom homes, that is, the age of the tract housing boom had not yet taken root. Therefore, even if the older homes were not as lavishly decorated, they still maintained a level of distinction due to the custom building of that era.

Moving into the late 20th century, WW-2 had just ended and dropped a lot of young men and women back into the country with new found abilities to afford their own homes via the GI bill. This huge demand caused the housing booms that resulted all cross the country. The good thing was that these homes were inexpensive but the negative was that the tract home was born. thousands of cookie cutter sameness soon dotted the land almost everywhere people were interested in living. This in turn drove the need for some type of distinction to make the new homes somehow different and a statement of their new owners. The age of home decorating had finally come to the working class.

A home is cozier and more comfortable than any other place. We build our homes with the utmost care and sincerity. After all, it is a place where we spend most of our lives. Home decorating means a lot to the owner. It also demands hard work and devotion, as it is not an easy task. Decorating includes both the interior as well as exterior aspects.

Initially, home decorating started off simply as changing the paint or wallpaper but has led to a boom in furnishings, artwork, collectibles and even flooring materials. Just the range of available flooring options is incredible. You can choose from marble, granite tiles, bricks, slates, concrete, or steel. To add more color, suitable carpets can be spread. Rugs can be used to complement them. So before, basic flooring was acceptable, in our quest for making our home truly ours, we have needed to remodel, rebuild, rework and otherwise redesign almost everything in our homes.

Walls, pillars, and other standouts can be decorated using artifacts, paintings or wall hangings. Modern art is becoming a common choice. And it’s not just the living room, but every part of the home now gets the star treatment. This includes, new rooms for babies, teens, young adults, toddlers and children.

Home Decor Ideas

Most people find home decorating an excruciating task that should only be handled by a pro. But there are some who find it very challenging, since it gives them a venue to push their creativity to the limits. If you are one of these few people, you certainly need lots of home décor ideas in order to make your home decorating task a success. But choosing the right home décor ideas can be tough; especially if you do not know what style you want for your home. That is why it is important that you first walk through design sites and shops that can be helpful to you. As you make your way through different stores, either online or local, you will come across lots of home décor ideas. These can include art pictures, mirrors, light fixtures, flowers and plants and area rugs and textiles.

Art pictures can add personality to your home. A portrait floral picture, for example, can give the illusion of height. Not only that – art pictures can also absorb noise and help change the room’s shape illusion, if placed at the right position. Mirrors are great in creating the illusion of space. If you have a dark room, you can hang a decorative mirror near a window so that light can bounce off the mirror into the room. This gives your room a more natural much-needed light.

Light fixtures are a nice way to set the ambience of your room. By using different types of lighting, your room can have different moods. For example, if you want a sentimental mood, you can have dim light fixtures.

If light fixtures set moods, flowers and plants add color to your home. They blend very easily with room accents and you can change them any time. You can have attractive plant pots and containers for your plants and flowers, and if you are allergic to flowers, you can have silk flowers instead.

The first four home décor ideas appeal to the sense of sight more. But the area rugs and textiles are for your sense of touch since these add warmth and texture to your home. These are effective at softening wooden or hard floors and they add patterns and contrasting colors into the room.